Let’s admit it — we love feeding our friends, we love revelry, we love eating outside. But! Let’s also admit that at these parties not everything always goes according to plan. Ever thrown a party and ran out of beverages? Ever thrown a party and had a meltdown just before guests arrived? Ever thrown a party where you’ve run out of food? It happens a lot and actually — it is the most embarrassing mess up, isn’t?

Follow these tips from the catering pros at Zwadeh on how to make your next party “The Best Party of the year”.


Know your guests

This is the most important tip for hosting a successful catered party. Know Your Audience! For instance, you perhaps wouldn’t serve smoked turkey and caviar food at your kids’ birthday party, unless your kid has some odd taste buds! Understanding likes and dislikes of your guests will allow you to plan the catering for the party accordingly.

Have a detailed itinerary

The secret behind any successful event is superior planning. An itinerary or even a timeline of the event will take off a lot of stress from you. From the arrival of the guests to their departure have a plan to run the event smoothly. Hiring an experienced caterer will ensure your planned itinerary runs smoothly and on time.

Create a seating plan

A proper seating plan for a more formal dining events is elegant and helpful. A seating plan increases the efficiency of seating your guests at the event and also helps you to stay on schedule.

As mentioned before, an experienced party caterer can also take care of this aspect for you.

Ready to surprise your guests?

Are you ready to host the perfect catered party? With the help of professional catering company, your catered party can become the talk of the town!

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