We have all been to events or parties where there was no variety or a lack of balance with the food choices on the menu. Maybe the host served only veggies…or non-veggies… or people have just wanted a reason to complain about!


Whether you bring a small group together or planning a big party, regardless of size, each person attending will have slightly different menu preferences.
Offering a balanced menu in buffet catering makes every guest is satisfied. So in case you are planning your event and finding it difficult to choose a buffet caterer in Dubai? Or not sure how to order catering? Or don’t know what to order? Fare not! Find all the answers to your questions and choose the best buffet catering in Dubai for your event.
Here are a few tips for creating a balanced buffet menu for your events:

Learn about guests

If you are hosting an event for people from a certain demographic you may find “common” menu preferences – but if the scenario is different then you should take care of certain things.
For example:
Older guests may prefer a milder menu.
Health fanatics may prefer more seafood and vegetable options.
Young or middle-aged guests may desire spicier, more adventurous meals.

Provide an assortment

Having food varieties at buffet catering should help ensure each guest finds something that they like.
For example:
Offer different appetizers (meat, poultry, vegetarian)
Serve several sides (vegetables or fruits, salad, no veg less-than-healthy food)
Provide dessert choices (1 decadent, and 1 healthy)

Choose the right menu

The right buffet catering menu is essential for any event. From taste preferences to special food requirements, there are a lot of things to consider while choosing a buffet catering menu that is suited for all your guests. Buffet catering menus in Dubai often offer a variety of cuisine from all around the world. International, Thai, Indian, Chinese and so many more, the selection is never-ending. Try to keep balance to your buffet menu by choosing cuisine with variant tastes, and textures.

Add seasonal or local options

In Dubai, you can find fresh, international foods and ingredients. Consider the region or location of the event and popular food items from the area. You can prepare various recipes made from ingredients which are in season, or by serving dishes which are popular in the geographical area of your guests.


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