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What if we tell you that Lunch itself was an innovation! Sounds interesting isn’t?


Well! According to some experts, the third meal between breakfast and dinner didn’t happen until the middle of the 19th century. In Samuel Johnson’s 1755 dictionary “luncheon” was a snack people took into the fields, “as much food as one’s hand can hold,” and now lunch is the most important meal where the more of the tastiest ideas happen.

If you are tasked with ordering the food for the group, executive or other company meetings, and getting stressed. You would never want to run out of food. However, no one wants to overspend either. Getting the right balance for lunch catering can be tricky, but with some careful planning, you can find the right balance.

Here are some key elements that may lighten your food ordering stress when choosing a launch catering company in Dubai.

  • EXPERIENCED: This one is overlooked by many but is crucial for you as it addresses the needs of the guests
  • Food range: Choosing the best restaurant for lunch catering with the right product mix needed to feed multiple tastes, likes, and where the food quality is amazing are crucial to having happy guests or colleagues
  • Professional: who are lunch catering professional, who are trained and equipped to manage and transport large amounts of food
  • LOGISTICS: Lunch catering companies that can manage the ordering of food, the pick-up of food from restaurants along with the delivery in uncontrolled traffic or weather problems within the lunch hour is a crucial aspect when choosing the right catering service in Dubai.
  • ON TIME: Choose a catering company that has the reputation of delivering food on time on a consistent basis. Reliability is key to a confident lunch catering partnership.
  • LOCAL: Choosing a local catering company in Dubai that understands the culture, people and businesses would be the right selection to have an unforgettable lunch.


Here’s an example of a top lunch catering company in Dubai, taking care of all the key elements of hosting a perfect lunch catering.

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Zwadeh specializes in addressing all your needs for launch catering. The goal is always to make you LUNCH TIME HERO!