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The cost of food usually increase and it depends on your plans for event catering or guest list. But there are some ways to trim costs and maximise your catering budget.

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Zwadeh Catering at Youtube Pulse event

FOOD. First of all, you have to interview a variety of event caterer for your catering budget. You have to meet them for the budget of course and tastings. Ask them the best pricing that doesn’t hurt your catering budget. In Zwadeh, an event catering in Dubai UAE, is one of the most outstanding caterer in the region and can maximise and save your catering budget. If you are planning for a wedding, better to ask your catering the common questions on wedding catering.

BEVERAGES. Next step is nailing down the beverages you like to serve within your budget. Usual offers are a full mobile bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic selections. You can deal with tea or coffee service, depends on the event styling of your event. Some venues have a good spot already for food and beverages for any event. If you are in UAE, there are top venues in Dubai for corporate events to consider.

EVENT LENGTH. Planning the duration of your event always have a direct impact on your catering budget. Receptions usually have a length 3 to 4 hours. Choosing a night party after reception will increase service costs per hour for food and beverages. If you are organizing a corporate event, you can check our tips on How to Organize a Corporate Dinner.

PROCEED WITH THE BASICS. If nothing worked on budgeting your catering needs, it’s time to bring out the expensive ideas. Don’t ask any extras from your event caterer and trim unnecessary plans that doesn’t fit your budget. Remember that your guests are there on your event to celebrate and the choices of your catering will only be a small part of it. So better not to break the bank on food.

Planning a reception on a budget? Check out Zwadeh, an event catering in Dubai, to get ways to save money on catering and can make your budgeting easy and straightforward. Zwadeh have been catering for years and know how to help. Contact us for booking to find out how we plan to make your special day unforgettable.