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Who could resist beautifully grilled cubes of chicken known as Shish Taouk? Marinated in yogurt, lemon juice, tomato puree, loads of garlic and exotic spices.

This Turkish dish is popular throughout the Middle East – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria and the United Arab Emirates, while the Persians have their own version called “Jujeh Kabob”.

Shish Taouk is marinated in yogurt, lemon juice and tomato paste which does not only provide flavor, but also tenderizes the meat as it marinates. One of the secret in cooking shish taouk is marinating it 4 hours to give chicken a nice flavor before grilling. The chicken is placed in a warm covered pot before serving when pulled off the grill. This will really makes the chicken tender and juicy.

As with many Middle Eastern seasoning blends, the flavor is complex. You’ll find that is layered with rich flavors that are slightly floral, spicy and tangy with citrusy notes and a hint of sweetness.

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Mini shish taouk served in #YTPulseMena

In Zwadeh, an event catering in Dubai, can served delicious shish taouk, cook it more traditionally on a long skewer that turns. Or smaller and home sized version but the taste is even better. The marinade is tangy and full of garlic, the finished chicken skewers have much more depth to their flavor.

Throw a birthday party or host a family wedding and Zwadeh will take care of all your catering needs. All you have to do is invite your guests and we will make sure you have an event that leaves the best impression on everybody’s minds and bellies.  Contact us for booking.

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