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February is already here and we all know that it also means: roses, chocolates, and all other sweets. Trying a flaky layered pastry, a lot like a caramelised croissant is a worthy sweet Valentines idea breakfast treat for the day.

Many people also celebrates their love for their partner by sending love letters, giving flowers, valentines gifts or a romantic dinner. Cupcakes idea for special events would be a lovely valentines idea too. Some people also use the occasion to present gifts such as jewellery, champagne or sparkling wine. How about trying a sourdough pasty for your loved one, rolled round and filled and baked with a variety of tempting flavours? It will took a little extra effort to do it but it can be all made to taste much better.

Sourdough starter is used to make a preferment that is mixed into an enriched dough with butter and gets rolled, folded three times to make into a perfect rolled round shape pastry. This is a little drier and richer and has more roll-in butter than croissant dough which makes it crispier and flakier. Fill it with cream cheese filling and fruit or jam, and they will be probably the best sourdough pastry ever.

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Flaky and crispy sourdough pastry at Youtube Pulse event served by Zwadeh

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