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Event catering is not for everyone. It requires tremendous passion to start with, then infrastructure to scale up operations when needed, skilled staff who are determined to create memorable occasions, experience within the ranks to forecast scenarios, challenges, solutions and action plans in the face of demanding circumstances. This is our world, this is what we specialise in, leave this to us. Because no one is more prepared, more equipped and more experienced and more dependable than our team of passionate event catering staff.

Now to your world. You need an event where every detail is perfected, every taste a celebration of life, every flavour a a token of joy to your esteemed guests. This is the grand vision for your event. There is the challenge of scale, and event space, of limited seating areas and ceiling heights, should there be entertainment around food presentation, live food stations, food theatrics and finally a resounding and assuring food safety and hygiene standard so your reputation is always in safe hands. This is your world of expectations and wishes. Let us put your anxiety to rest, knowing that our food is perfected with years of experience; every dish we make is aimed at pampering event guests in a journey of sensations that will evoke taste buds with recipes from the world over.

We offer peace of mind for all catering needs, from sandwiches and canapes set-up to large buffets and live stations.
Adding a taste to your corporate and private functions.

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